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BizMaster Trading (Pvt) Ltd. is launched in 2018 the Azad Jammu & Kashmir based manufacturer/assembler, supplier and distributor of Mobile Phone Technology. By manufacture/assemble a phone, by reducing the gap of supply chain and building relationships between the community and their products. We’re trying to bring positive change across the value chain in mining, plan, develop and life cycle, to put moral values first by expending the market for products. We’re having teams of experts over 100 we are producing as and also procuring the products to meet our valuable customer’s need. Our company is a change maker, we strictly follow our deadline, and deliver the best working product on time. We’re available for 24/7, for any customer service we’re here for you to help.


The BizMaster team is working hard to deliver the best working product to the customers with its purpose to grow in the industry as the most successful mobile firm. Our priority is to make our customer satisfied by providing them with the best working product they demand with the high-quality product. By providing the original and reliable products can help us to build the trust of our customers.



Its vision drives BizMaster Trading (Pvt) Ltd… The team has carved a firm place for itself at the forefront of electronic manufacturing/assembling and the best service provider in Pakistan. We set the reliable quality which is assured and cost-effective products. We’re mobile manufacture/assemble based company is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the present & the future.

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